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I never had eggnog until I met my husband. I never tried it as a child because the name always through me off; I never desired to drink eggs. It sounded unappetizing. My husband, however, always had some at holiday parties as a kid, and so when we began dating and visiting one another’s families over the holidays, I took a sip of the stuff to be polite. I am so glad I did. Let this be a lesson; always try new foods, regardless of the name, regardless of your preconceived notions. You may be avoiding your favorite treat! The eggnog I tried that night was Hood’s Golden Eggnog, a very delicious storebought variety. I prefer to make my own, however, because then I can control the spices, sugar and the amount of rum I want to add (sometimes a lot, sometimes none). This is excellent with a dollop of whipped cream on top served in punch glasses, or a guilty sip here or there at midnight. Enjoy! *Reposted fro November 2017  Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 2/3 granulated sugar
Apple crisp is my very favorite dessert. I make it in the fall, winter, spring and summer. I serve it with whipped cream creme anglaise, ice cream heavy cream or by itself. I eat it piping hot and room temp. If I see it on a restaurant’s dessert menu, I always order it. I could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner and never tire of it. Tart apples combined with rich, buttery streusel and crunchy nuts with vanilla ice cream melting over it has to be the most satisfying bite of food in the world.  I have had many version of apple crisp; some use no nuts, some use pecans, some use walnuts. I am absolutely pro-nut, but I can’t pick a favorite so I combine walnuts and pecans to have the best of both worlds.  Granny Smith and Macintosh apples are both lovely and tart; I love that Macintosh apples turn into a mushy applesauce filling when baked but also how Granny Smiths keep their shape. To create a filling of equal parts applesauce and apple slices, I use equal parts Granny Smith a

Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Pizza

It's been a long time since I featured a unitasker gadget on the blog. Alton Brown, forgive me, but my countertop pizza oven is a dream. In less than ten minutes it heats up to over 600 degrees, it has a stone that is removable so you can wash it, and it cooks your pizza with the desired leopard print char spots in under ten minutes. It's red and looks fabulous too. The company that makes it is called Newwave and it's been going strong for me for 3 years now. Sales pitch over. You know what is super delicious on pizza? Really good cheese paired with sweet caramelized onions and earthy butter sautéed mushrooms. This pizza is practically gourmet; I bought shredded aged asiago, shiitake, cremini and oyster mushrooms, and dough from the local pizza joint. So, so good. Make it, you will die with food joy. Ingredients: 2 onions, sliced into half moons 1 pound mixed mushrooms, diced 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon butter salt and pepper to taste Shredded asiag